We’ve been fans of Samosa Records since before our inception in 2019.

They have been trendsetters and have been raising the bar release after release, so getting to premiere a release from them is a big honor for us.

Dirtyelements & Drunkdrivers Never Give Up EP lands on vinyl 19. March. 4 tracks spread over two sides of high quality vinyl.

We chose to single out the opening track: Baby.
The main reason is that we’re huge Teddy Pendergrass fans. His If You Know stands as a larger than life legacy from his über-cool Teddy LP from 1979.

Dirtyelements & Drunkdrivers take it to a new level of cool.
With an intro that is one for the books the track proceeds to ease in, raising the pressure gradually, notch by notch.

The boys loop it like crazy thus creating a groove that they handle with care and perfection, building one of the most memorable and powerful releases on Samosa Records. That’s saying something.

Grab it on pre-sale here. Out on Friday!

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