We’ve covered Reprecussion 1 and Reprecussions 2 already so it’s no huge surprise that V’s Reprecussions 3 is our release of the week.

The series has been a real treat for the die-hard V’s fans out there, mostly because of the sheer attention to detail and the completely overwhelming production quality, and boy does Reprecussions 3 keep it up!

Amanda – Queen Of Acid (V’s Superdisco edit) is much more Superdisco than edit. Seriously that guy should refrain from using the word edit. What he does full of new orchestrations, live instrumentation and restructuring.
This is the most accessible title on the release. It’s upfront, deadcenter, hitting the top waves right in the sweet spot! Cowbells, wobble LFO bassline, 303 acid progressions. The heart skips a beat!

G-Gang – Do It (V’s At The Disco) stays rather deep and lifts the tempo to a steady 120 BPM, but actually sounds faster. This is a deep and jazzy double entendre with a vengeance. V playfully whips it and adds a sly lo-fi chanting: “Do It At The Disco”. Whistles go berserk and takes it to the next level. This is a real crowdpleaser disguised as a sole avenger.

Evora – Historia (V’s Marimba story) goes deep inside the jungle, luring you before you, too late, realize that you are under the spell.
Think Deep House meets Afro meets Space. Add to that the Spanish incantations that wrap themselves around you.
Employed at the right time, at the right night, this one could send your crowd to heaven and back.

You can get Represussions 3 on Juno Download.

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