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Danish Disco brother Kornum is too hot to handle at the moment.

Transeuropa is out on Spanish top dog label theBasement Discos, who’s had a terrific 2022.

Transeuropa is a 3 track multiculti blend of Italo, Disco and House, with the latter being the binding ingredient.

I chose the titular track as my main focus.

When Modern Talking is the main foundation for the hook it can only go in two directions: it either smells like stale cheese or it rocks harder than a 12″ Viagra crazed erection.

Luckily this is that 12″ Viagra crazed erection kinda thang!

The flutey Cherri Cherri Lady hook is stolen directly from a Balkan bootleg CD market in the late 90’ies, drizzled with a stallion Italo rhythm section and some 303 Acid stabs and Morricone on Recorder mini hook.

Sounds crazy? Well it is! Does it work? Very much so!

Grab grab grab on Traxsource!

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