Even Christopher Walken would be impressed by the amount of cowbell, and so am I!

JKriv‘s remix of Processman & Cady‘s beach party anthem Adupé gets a Caribbean overhaul with full greasy, coconutty back rub as the DJ turns the volume up to the cheer of the crowd.

This is potent cocktail consisting of beach party grooves, Electro vibes, a sub mid-tempo House rhythm, sing-a-long vocals and a twist of Disco to bind it all together. Think more Caribbean than Balearic, yet in the same climate.

Proper spoiling from File Under Disco who’s loaded the releases with a fistful of wicked remixes from JKriv, Dicky Trisco, Joutro Mundo and Processman himself. On top of that there’s one more track, Sou Baiana, which roams the same sonic realm.

Available on vinyl here.

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