Four Flies Records new offshoot Edizioni della Notte is still rather new, this being their second release.

Eclectic Neapolitan DJ/producer Whodamanny is on remix detail, and the project at hand is originally by Francesco Fisotti, more precisely his track “La Tartana” from 2021, which appeared on Quattro Bambole Music.

The original is a fusion of Funk, Rock, 80’ies glam and pop. Whodamanny takes it in a more Balearic direction, well, Adriatic more so.

From around 3:30 the track really dives into full-blown Balearic vibes, and it lures you in to the deep end and never lets you go.

The whole remix has a late 80’ies Balearic vibe to it, and neatly integrates tastings from the original version.

If you’re into crossover music with a pure heart and a nostalgic tinge Whodamanny and Edizioni della Notte has you covered!

Release date: 05-05-23 on Bandcamp.

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