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Valentine Golovachev, known under the evocative moniker of V’s Edits, has gracefully reemerged onto the musical landscape, marking a triumphant return from a prolonged hiatus during which he momentarily veiled his V’s Edits project from the limelight. It is crucial to note, however, that Valentine has not idly languished in seclusion; rather, he has diligently invested his creative energies into a series of studio sessions and collaborative sonic endeavors.

In a sonorous odyssey that began with the captivating release of “Africa We Dance” in the halcyon days of August 2019, we now find ourselves transported four years forward in time. During this temporal passage, Golovachev has masterfully summoned the muse once again, bestowing upon the world the eagerly awaited second installment of his sonic expedition, an opus that promises to immerse us once more in the rhythmic heart of Africa.

This quintessential five-track EP stands as a testament to the V’s Edits signature oeuvre, characterized by its resplendent incorporation of live instrumentation—a hallmark that has firmly established its place in the annals of musical distinction. The virtuosity with which these instrumental elements are woven into the sonic tapestry is nothing short of remarkable, endowing each composition with a lush and palpable vitality.

The thematic core of this EP is a nod to the timeless classics of yesteryears, paying homage to the rich legacy of musical luminaries. It commences with an homage to the maestro Manu Dibango, as V’s Edits embarks on a spirited reinterpretation of “Weya,” an illustrious composition that first graced the auditory senses in 1973. This enchanting musical journey proceeds to embrace the 1980 gem “Jumbo” by Osibisa, a rhythmic gem that has transcended the confines of its era, echoing into the present with newfound vigor.

The EP then shifts its gaze to more contemporary realms, as it takes on Michael Kiwanuka‘s soul-stirring “Black Man In A White World,” a profound reflection on the complexities of identity and belonging that found its genesis in 2016. Venturing further back into the annals of musical history, the compilation’s sonic expedition unfolds with the revival of Cumbia Moderna de Soledad’s “Shacalao” from the evocative year of 1975, infusing it with a renewed vivacity that bridges temporal chasms.

Concluding this symphonic journey through time, V’s Edits pays a captivating tribute to The Lijadu Sisters, resurrecting their 1977 gem “Bayi L’ense” with an artistic prowess that rekindles the essence of their harmonious era.

Each of these tracks, meticulously curated and invigorated with V’s Edits‘ distinctive touch, resounds as a sonic opus that both venerates its origins and rejuvenates them for contemporary audiophiles, inviting them to partake in a transcendent musical experience.

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