In the ceaseless evolution of the musical cosmos, artists persist in stretching the boundaries of creativity, crafting melodies that reverberate with the depths of our souls.

Among these sonic voyagers stands Fran Deeper, the Spanish disco maestro, whose freshest release on Cross Fade Records, “Salon Del Horn,” is a symphonic odyssey into the very heart of disco.

Drenched in synthesizer-driven orchestrations and irresistible rhythms, this composition vows to keep your feet tapping and your spirits soaring.

Fran Deeper, a name synonymous with the disco phenomenon, has only recently ventured into releasing his own compositions, having been occupied with his influential labels, Spa In Disco and Boite.

His devotion to the disco pulse is contagious, his tracks metamorphosing into anthems on dance floors that span the globe.

As a composer, DJ, and a true sage of disco, Fran Deeper has solidified his standing as a formidable force within the electronic music realm.

Salon Del Horn” serves as a testament to Fran Deeper’s unwavering allegiance to the disco genre. This composition serves as a sonic kaleidoscope, ushering listeners onto a glittering dance floor where the disco ball radiates its luminescence.

From the very instant the music commences, you find yourself enveloped in a world of pulsating rhythms and euphoric harmonies, coaxing you into motion.

A hallmark of “Salon Del Horn” is the opulent, synthesizer-laden production.

Fran Deeper intricately interlaces layers of synthesizers that glide harmoniously throughout the piece.

The outcome is a profound and immersive auditory voyage that evokes the golden era of disco, yet maintains a contemporary freshness.

At the heart of “Salon Del Horn” resides its irresistibly groovy cadence. Fran Deeper’s meticulous craftsmanship is conspicuous in the way he constructs the basslines and rhythm patterns, ensuring each beat aligns seamlessly with the sonic ebb and flow.

It’s this meticulous attention to groove that renders the composition truly infectious.

The selection of Cross Fade Records as the label for “Salon Del Horn” is akin to a serendipitous marriage made in the disco heavens. Renowned for nurturing and propelling artists who challenge the boundaries of electronic music, Cross Fade Records stands as the ideal platform for Fran Deeper’s latest opus.

Salon Del Horn” by Fran Deeper stands as a testament to the enduring vitality of disco music.

With its synthesizer-rich arrangements, disco-infused rhythms, and infectious exuberance, this composition is a mandatory auditory delight for anyone who reveres the enchantment of the dance floor.

As Fran Deeper continues to bedazzle us with his musical wizardry, we can only anticipate further groovy disco sojourns on the horizon.

So, slip into your dancing shoes and prepare to immerse yourself in the universe of “Salon Del Horn” – the freshest gem from the Spanish disco virtuoso.


Fran Deeper – Salon Del Horn [Cross Fade Records]

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Fran Deeper

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