I began blogging on Discoholics Anonymous in August of 2019 (https://www.discoholicsanonymous.com/?m=201908), since then the blog has continued to grow exponentially.

SoundCloud has been integral as a platform to share the music.

The fact that it has accumulated over 1 million plays is just amazing.

The blog (www.discoanon.com) has also topped itself year by year. It’s already surpassed last year’s visitor number with over 100.000, with almost three months of the year remaining.

The podcast I run with Martin Petersson, Mauro Vecchi and George Ezircecnuf (Hot To The Touch by Discoholics Anonymous) is also doing great with more and more traffic coming from Apple and Google.

Thanks so much for supporting my passion.

I’m celebrating it with an amazing free download from Ben Jamin (https://www.discoholicsanonymous.com/?p=9697) and an amazing and exciting new mix series, that launched on Sunday last week (https://www.discoholicsanonymous.com/?p=9730).

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