Elado‘s primal incantation of this Bollywood gem is more than just music; it’s a mystical sonic voyage that has ignited a frenzied fire on dance floors spanning the entire globe. For two relentless years, it has been an odyssey, a never-ending pilgrimage for those who seek the divine beat.

But, my dear compadres, as we stand on the precipice of auditory nirvana, Razon-N-Tape, that relentless alchemist of sound, has thrown gasoline on this blazing pyre of aural ecstasy with an official remix package for this beast of a track. It’s as if they’ve harnessed the very essence of sonic rebellion and poured it back into our eardrums.

And let’s not dismiss the reverence bestowed upon the artist, Nadim Khan. The original CD artwork, a visual manifesto of this enigmatic sonic sorcery, has been resurrected in a slick custom jacket.

This is art that transcends mere music; it’s a visual stimulant, an elixir for the senses. A snake charming, hypnotizing, spiritualizing weapon of mass seduction.

In the world of Elado and RNT, we’re not just listeners; we’re disciples of the boundless audial wilderness. We’re the voyagers on a journey to a realm where the line between reality and imagination is eternally blurred.

Heed my warning though: Use this weapon with caution…


Nadeem Khan – Tu Tak Tu Tak Tutiyan (Elado’s Gulab Jamun Rework) [Razor-N-Tape]



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