Italian songstress, Scerida, is releasing her album “Voglia De Perdere” on October 27th.

I previously reviewed her fantastic “Infinito” and I have been lucky enough that Edizioni Della Notte let me listen to the whole “Voglia De Perdere“.

The heart of ‘Voglia Di Perdere‘ lay in its music, a collection of eight tracks that held within them the essence of post-wave vibes.

As I journeyed through the album, you could feel the nocturnal rhythms, pulsating like the heartbeat of a city coming alive after dark. Lo-fi atmospheres wrapped around you like a cozy, well-worn sweater, comforting and intimate.

Je Ne Sais Pas” is actually an old skool undertaking in a very classical sense of songwriting.

The sense and vibe is fluffy as clouds with a strangely irresistible lo-fi vibe interweaving through every nucleus.

Scerida’s Italian vocals engulfs the melody, with a story of insecurity and yet manifests in such a confirming manner.

Je Ne Sais Pas” for me stands as a delectable oddity that keeps growing for me.


Scerida – Je Ne Sais Pas [Edizioni Della Notte]


Edizioni Della Notte

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