Bosq is back on this sunshine in a bottle kinda deal.

In the rhythmic realm where Afro Funk and Disco engage in a spirited dance, “Meji Meji” holds its ground with an enchanting blend of elements.

It’s a sonic journey where the resonance of bubbling organs and Rhodes stabs interlaces seamlessly with a grand horn section, a symphony of layered percussion, and the soulful chants emanating from the seasoned voice of ex-Egypt 80 member, Kaleta.

Enter Folamour‘s rendition, a transformative metamorphosis that elevates the latent house groove to the forefront of the musical stage. Here, the dance floor becomes a pulsating canvas painted with a rhythmic palette.
The heartbeat is a relentless kick, the foundation a profound bass line that anchors the melody, while funky synthetic horn lines engage in a spirited dialogue with the vibrant, live horn section.

It’s a musical discourse that transcends boundaries, carrying an infectious groove, a potent symphony of beats and melodies that bewitches the soul and commands the dance floor’s undivided attention.


Bosq & Kaleta – Meji Meji (Folamour Remix) [Bacalao]


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