We’ve been smitten with Frank Virgilio‘s slow grooves for quite a while. Frank’s Re-Think formula is versatile, groovy and downright infectious. Last year his Out There on Editorial blew us away, and we’ve been caning his tracks on and on.

Now he’s dishing out his suave and sophisticated licks on Hot Digits, run by Fingerman. Hot Digits were also responsible for Lup Ino’s You Stop Fooling, which we featured already!

Fingerman and crew really know how to engineer party bombs with one weekend weapon after another. Frank Virgilio‘s Donde Estas? is a four tracker with slow to mid-tempo beast, ready to disperse its Eroto-Disco until the walls are steaming with lust and desire.

Opening with the slow and sexy Your Whisper, Frank builds up with slow jams, mesmerizing percussions. Enter a Say No Go-ish drum loop, guitars and keys all adding to the sensual tension.

Get Now! speeds up a tad, and shifts the gear. With a more rebellious bass hook that slowly leads into some slyly crafted string loops and Soul II Soul-ish shouts.

Donde Estas? laments over some macho spanish movie or radio play samples with signature Virgilioian piano licks, which were perfected on his Sun track, that was out on Editorial last year. Sublime!

Beautiful Sister closes the endeavor. It’s been doing well on both Traxsource and Junodownload. A much more keys driven piece, this mid-tempo deal supplies a perfect track to spice up the middle part of a sun filled mixtape.

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