The stylish revivalists from Four Flies Records in Rome, Italy have been doing an outstanding job in restoring and reviving the legacy of obscure Italian releases from the 70ies. They all linger around the genres Jazz, Disco and are often old movie soundtracks.

Autumn 2001 / Autumn 2021, consists of an original track from Italian jazz pianist and electronic music pioneer Gianni Safred and a rework from musician, DJ and beat maker Free The Robots.

Autumn 2001’ stems from the 1978 Italian library LP Futuribile (The Life To Come), a retro-futuristic masterpiece by Gianni Safred, one of the great pioneers of Italian electronic music. 

A jazz musician from Trieste, northern Italy, Safred at one point began making music with ‘’his electronic instruments’’ (Minimoog, Polymoog, Arp Odissey, Arp Omni, Fender piano, Sequencer Roland, Space Echo Roland). 

Chris Alfaro, aka Free the Robots, is a musician, beat maker and DJ known for his ability to jump in and out of different sonic worlds, creating a unique signature sound blending electronic, hip hop, jazz and psychedelia.

Free The Robots says about the release:

“The sounds used back in the ‘60s and ‘70s are partly where I model my own sound and many Italian bands from the era played a big role in the inspiration of my music. To add to the narrative is really just the continued preservation of classic sounds, re-told and flipped in my own way as a producer of this era. My take on Autumn 2001 was more a drum heavy, loopy and spaced out approach to the original song.” 

Chris Alfaro

Not only is this a gorgeous restoration, it is also a great sonic world to enter and explore.

The original shines in its new glory, and Free The Robots‘ rework lends a Trip-Hoppy, jazzed up flavor that oozes of sly coolness. Nothing you play sounds like this.

Grab the release.

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