Prepare to be captivated once again by the ever-fantastic Ben Jamin.

Brace yourself for a remarkable musical journey as “Cosmic Miracles Volume 2” graces the digital airwaves of Juno Download.

From the very first note, it becomes abundantly clear that Ben Jamin lives up to all expectations set by its predecessor.

Within this soulful masterpiece, a collection of five slo-mo tracks awaits, each one meticulously crafted to ignite your senses and transport you to your personal seventh heaven.

Fingerman‘s Hot Digits label has provided the perfect platform for these melodic gems to shine brightly. As you delve into this soulful auditory treasure trove, one track stands head and shoulders above the rest for me, “Mr. Moon.”

In his inimitable style, Ben Jamin breathes new life into an obscure classic, infusing it with soulful energy that reverberates.

The result is a mesmerizing update that not only pays homage to the roots of the original but also seamlessly integrates itself into the harmonious tapestry woven by the four accompanying tracks on the EP.

Mr. Moon” exudes an irresistible charm, effortlessly blending melodic nuances and rhythmic intricacies. The precision with which Ben Jamin molds each layer of sound is nothing short of masterful, showcasing his ability to evoke raw emotion and re-touch the very core of the original tracks.

With “Cosmic Miracles Volume 2“, Ben Jamin delivers an auditory feast that offers unparalleled value and is an essential addition to “Cosmic Miracles Volume 1″.

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