Spewing releases at the moment like a lizard in heat, Discozilla has been ramping up its release frequency over the past couple of months.

I’ve featured most of them on here so far. Why? They are irresistible!

Elefonk” marks Stephane Deschezeaux‘ second release on Discozilla. He was lucky enough to be the first artist released on the newly founded label.

He remains in funky territories with this releases as well.

Elefonk” oozes of Funk, 80s synths and sophistication.

Label founder Lucian-George Bebereche (Joji Chissu, Ezirk) has really been working hard establishing a unique sound for Discozilla.

The quality and meticulous attention to the details in each release has been impressive, and I must say that he maintains a very firm grip on his dedication to quality and authenticity.

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